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Highmark ElectricalWe offer a wide selection of quality electrical parts and components from a number of brands that have proven to be reliable and efficient. Whether you are in need of a brand new electrical panel, a new set of lights for your home or office, or even some luxurious in floor heating, we have the best products for you and are ready to provide expert installation services. With Highmark, you’ll get everything you’ll need for whatever electrical project you have in mind. We won’t cut corners or take any shortcuts when installing or replacing your existing equipment, and you can always rely on the fact that we will provide you with the best equipment, at a competitive price.

For expert residential and commercial electrical repair and installation services, you won’t find any better option than the friendly and reliable team of Vancouver electricians at Highmark Electrical. With over 100 years of experience, you can rest assured that when you work with Highmark Electrical, there won’t be any issues we can’t solve, or problems we can’t fix. We offer fully insured and bonded work, as well as warranties guaranteeing our work and equipment and 24/7 emergency repair services for your convenience.

Our staff is courteous and friendly and ready to work with you to help you understand what your project will require. We will always provide you with an honest estimate and a competitive price for our work, and will place your needs and questions at the top of our list of priority. For years, we have built a strong reputation on quality service and results, and we hope to continue to build that reputation by providing you with excellent service and work you will be proud of.

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Our team of electrical experts are standing by to help you tackle whatever electrical installation, repair or renovation you may have in mind. We will be sure to take the necessary time to work with you and determine exactly what you need, how much it will cost and how long the work will take in an upfront and straightforward manner. It is important to us to know that all of our customer’s needs are being met, so don’t hesitate to book your consultation today.