Ballast Replacement

Ballast Replacement

The lights that keep your office, storefront or commercial work-space thrown away, a ballast replacement may solve the problem. If you aren’t using a reliable and efficient light system that is best suited for your needs, that it s very likely that you are overpaying for the hydro at your business. With so many options out there that can potentially save you money and reduce your total energy consumption, you may feel overwhelmed when it comes time to upgrade your current system.

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That’s why the certified commercial electricians at Highmark Electrical offer a comprehensive guide to help you determine what system will work best for your lighting needs. We offer a one-year warranty on all of the equipment we provide, and will be with you every step of the way during the installation to make sure you get exactly what you were looking for in terms of functionality and aesthetics. We will also be sure to inform you about any potential rebates or incentive programs that can help your company save even more thanks to your new lighting system.

What is a Ballast?

A ballast is a device that regulates the flow of electrical energy to fluorescent bulbs that are installed in your office. It is important to make sure that all of your fluorescent fixtures are equipped with ballasts that can adequately handle the power demand of commercial grade bulbs. If you find that your bulbs tend to flicker or take a longer time to reach their full brightness, then it may be time to change or upgrade your ballast. Furthermore, your light bulbs will need to be properly changed as well using appropriate commercial grade fluorescent tubes. If these are not properly replaced by a professional, then you risk potential circuit overloads which in some cases can be a fire hazard.

For a video explanation check out this video from Regency Lighting

What Kind of Lights Have a Ballast?

Not all lights have ballasts!  Different technologies have differing requirements on if a ballast is required.  Check out this table to find out if the light has one.

Ballast Technology

Can I Replace Myself?

Yes, if you have a bit of technical know-how.  Although if you’re unsure it’s best to ask an electrician to do this for you as it can be a complicated job. Cheaper ballasts are likely to need more rewiring than a fitting that has a branded ballast in it. It’s worth spending a bit more in order to save yourself money and effort in the future.

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There are a few other newer types of commercial lighting that have just recently started to become popular on the market, such as LED bulbs, and Highmark Electrical is ready to help you find the ones that will best suit your needs.