Bathroom Lighting Installations

Bathroom Lighting InstallationYour bathroom is a room that often sees a lot of traffic.  The Bathroom lighting is vital to make your room comfortable.Your time in the bathroom requires good lighting for showering, baths or just putting on your makeup.  For that reason, you will want to be sure to have lighting in these spaces that is both adequate for whatever activities you engage in, as well as attractive, since they will be seen by most of the people who enter your home. You can also do a lot to increase the resale value of your home if you have a great new set of lights installed in these key rooms. With custom lighting designs and installations from Highmark Electrical, you will be able to increase your home’s value and provide a beautiful setting for you and your guests in the bathroom .

Lighting Designs to Consider

Lighting upgrades for your d bathroom can not only enhance the style of your home, but also serve a functional purpose as well. You can make a smaller space seem larger, and highlight the unique and attractive architecture of your home with just a few minor lighting updates and installations. To give you a few ideas about where to start improving the lighting in your bathroom, check out these helpful tips below:

Shower Light

This simple addition to your bathroom can make it easy to save energy and avoid disturbing someone sleeping in a nearby bedroom if you tend to take an early morning shower before work. An exclusive shower light can add a lot of convenience and practicality to your bathroom in virtually no time at all.

Mirror and Vanity Lighting

It is always frustrating to try and apply makeup, shave or even brush your teeth in a poorly lit bathroom. That is why having a good overhead mirror or vanity light in your bathroom is essential, but now days there are so many attractive designs to choose from, you can do a lot to enhance the look of your bathroom with the right set of vanity lights.

How To Improve Your Bathroom Lighting

Bathrooms have become more multi functional in recent years so the lighting options have increased.  Technology has allowed us to light for these many uses.

Here are some tips to improve the lighting in your bathroom

Flank Your Mirror with LIghts

Most bathrooms have light above the mirror and this can cause shadows and lines when looking at the mirror.  For a more true light, place your lights on the side of the mirror.  Whether shaving or applying make-up you will have much better light.

Try to replicate Daylight

There’s nothing quite like natural light.  We spend more time out of the bathroom so why would we not want to replicate that so we can see how we will look.  There are many lighting options and bulbs types that make this easy.

Layer Your Lighting

Bathrooms nmove from bright light for morning rituals to a soft mood light if you’re taking a soak in the tub. A dimmer switch will allow you to control the intensity of your vanity lights. 

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