Ceiling Fan Installation

Ceiling Fan InstallationA ceiling fan is a great way to enhance the décor of your home and create a more comfortable living space. While some people may initially think ceiling fan installation can be a relatively simple DIY job, it may not turn out to be as simple a job as it initially appears to be. Climbing up a ladder with a heavy ceiling fan while having to worry about which wires go where can quickly become frustrating and a lot more hassle than you may expect. To ensure that you have a properly installed ceiling fan that won’t give you issues in the future, you might consider giving the experts at Highmark Electrical a call.

Benefits Of Ceiling Fans

In addition to adding an attractive feature to any room in your house, a ceiling fan has a number of practical benefits as well.

Save Money

You can save you money on your energy bill in the hot summer months.

Constant Air Flow

The fan will maintain a cool breeze and a constant flow of air throughout the room it is installed in.

Benefits In the Winter

It can also be beneficial in winter! By reversing the direction, it will force warm air that normally rises in your house through the roof back down into your home, allowing you to reduce the amount of energy you need to run your furnace in the winter months.

Brighten Up Room

There are ceiling fans that come with lighting brighten up a room.

Ceiling Fan Installation FAQ

Ceiling fans that come with lighting brighten up a room.

  • How Long Does Ceiling Fan Installation Take

    An average ceiling fan takes 1 – 3 hours.  The time needed may increase if there is no previous box or wiring from an previous ceiling fan.

  • How Much Does Installing A Ceiling Fan Cost

    The cost will depend on the time for our electrician to complete the installation.

  • Do You Need An Electrician to Install A Ceiling Fan

    If you have a light fixture in the place you’d like to install a fan, a few upgrades to support the weight of the fan and install appropriate switches are all that’s needed to make the conversion. … Since new wiring and a switch are required to install a ceiling fan, it’s a job for a licensed electrician.

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