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Circut Panel InstallationAt Highmark Electrical we do circuit installation and upgrades so that you do not have circuit overloads. With computers as well as electrical devices becoming more and more advanced, workers often spend most of their days using technology that relies on a constant uninterrupted flow of electricity. Due to this fact, more strain is placed on the electrical systems of certain offices and places of business that may not necessarily be able to handle the demand for power. Everything from coffee makers, phone chargers, printers along with computers all contribute to the increased amount of power that flows through electrical panels, and if these panels should be inadequate, power outages and interruptions will become common, resulting a decline in productivity and an increase in the potential for fire at the workplace.

How To Prevent Circuit Overloads

As discussed above, the overloading of a circuit is usually caused by a flow of power that exceeds the capacity of your circuits. In addition to this, overloads can be the result of power flowing through damaged wires and loose connections as well, which can also become fire hazards, putting your employees in a dangerous work environment. With help from a certified electrician at Highmark, it will be easy to identify the problem and make the necessary corrections.

Reasons To Upgrade Your Circuits

  • The Age Of Your Home

    If your home is older it may not be installed to modern building & electrical codes and the existing panel may not have the capacity needed.

  • Overloading Breakers

    If your breakers are frequently tripping, the capacity of your circuit or panel may not be sufficient. If you want to add more electronic items and are unable to. It may be time to upgrade your ciricuts.

  • New Appliances

    Today, some appliances require a dedicated circuit that you may not have. You may wish to add additional appliances, like a second fridge, and do not have the capacity to do so.

  • Fire Preventions

    Over time, over-crowded connections can turn to loose connections. Thus, causing a wiring fault which can potentially lead to electrical fires. Electrical panel upgrade can help prevent possible electrical fires.

  • Security Systems

    Many people are installing security systems into their homes. Your electrical panel will need to have the capacity to take on this additional lode.

  • External Workshop

    Having an external workshop is beneficial and increases your homes value. You will need to ensure you have adequate power to the shop to run those high power tools.

  • Special Lighting

    Do you want to add task lighting, recessed lighting, track lighting, accent lighting, mood lighting, wall sconces, or other specialty light fixtures in your home?

  • Ceiling Fans

    Do you want to be able to turn the fan off while leaving the light on with the flip of a switch?

  • Light Control Stations

    Do you want to operate multiple lights from a single location? Do you want to set mood lighting in several rooms with the touch of a button?

  • Cable Or Satellite TV

    Do you want to add cable or satellite television in your bedrooms?

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