Commercial Energy Audits

Commercial Energy AuditsA Commercial Energy Audit will show you where you are losing money.  Find out where your business can save both dollars as well as the environment.

When is comes to being Vancouver’s electrical experts, we don’t just stop at our extensive knowledge of quality electrical repairs, brands, equipment and installations. At Highmark Electrical, we are ready to share all of our helpful knowledge about commercial energy consumption and how you can save your business up to 75% on energy costs! By making a wise investment for now you can help your business save a great deal of money over time.

Many companies are paying more than they should for their electricity. Both small along with large businesses stand to benefit from our helpful advice on such things as what kind of lighting will be most efficient for your office, storefront and even work space. We can also give you detailed guides on how to take full advantage of incentives and programs established by the city or the provincial and federal governments that can earn your business rebates and discounts on future energy bills.

Choose Highmark For Your Energy Audit

To schedule a commercial energy consumption analysis with Highmark Electrical, simply call us or go online to book an appointment on our website. A member of our team of commercial electric specialists will visit you at your office or facility and conduct a thorough assessment of the current state of your electrical system as well as your records of how much you are paying for energy at your business. Combining the information we gather from your electrical system and your energy consumption trends, we will be able to present the leadership at your company with a comprehensive guide to what steps you can take to reduce your energy costs as well as improve the efficiency of your electrical system. We will also be happy to answer any of your questions, and provide you with any additional information you may still require.

A Cost Effective Measure

Any business owner knows that every investment comes with some type of risk. With a commercial energy consumption audit from Highmark Electrical however, there is virtually no risk, and a significant potential for lasting rewards for your business. What you spend on the audit now will be returned to you with all the savings you receive on your monthly electric bills, as well as the potential rebates and the reduction of your company’s carbon footprint. To start saving money for your business, call or go online to set up a consultation with Highmark Electrical today!

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