Commercial Generators

Commercial GeneratorIn the event of a major power outage, a commercial generator is vital.  Would you have to send your employees home for the day? It is usually very difficult to remain productive when there is no electricity available at an office, storefront or workshop. Poor lighting, and unresponsive electronic equipment can make it really difficult for any business to maintain productivity, or a safe work environment for employees. In order to avoid any loss of business  in the midst of a power outage, you may want to have a commercial grade power generator at your place of business.

Most people are generally aware of how a typical generator works. You may have used a portable one before yourself in another activity that requires electricity far from a power source. Most generators will run on some type of burnable fuel which is converted into electrical energy by an alternator and is permanently installed outside your home or business. 

A good power generator will be able to help you keep the lights on at work in the event of a power outage, and depending on its size and power capacity, it can keep certain appliances, tools and electronics running so productivity doesn’t suffer.

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Types of Commercial Generators

If you run a smaller office, store as well as workshop, and do not require any sustained power generation to keep your business running smoothly during an outage, then a portable generator will likely be the ideal choice for you. These are relatively simple to use, and can cost anywhere between $500 to $1500 depending on the size you get. Typical portable units can provide power to two to four power outlets and can keep most appliances and electronics running for a limited amount of time. To ensure the safety of yourself and your workers, be sure to set up the portable generator at least three meters from your premises.

For available and abundant power on demand in your office or workshop, you may consider  in a standby commercial generator. These generators are directly wired into your commercial electrical system and need to be professionally installed. Due to this fact, they will pose a greater upfront cost to you. This will be well worth it in the event of a long power outage when your business can’t afford to lose productivity. With help from the Vancouver’s commercial electrical experts at Highmark Electrical, you can have a reliable standby generator that comes with a one-year warranty installed before the next power outage.  We are here for you!