Commercial Specialty Lighting

Not every business can make do with the lighting their building or workspace provides for them when they first move in. Whether you require some enhancements to your lighting system, more lights for the parking lot or storefront, or if you just want to add a special touch during the holiday season, the commercial electrical experts at Highmark Electrical are here to help. Our team of industrial electricians can get your business feeling and looking a lot brighter in no time at all. With our extensive experience and great selection of quality lighting equipment and brands to choose from, you can’t go wrong with Highmark Electrical.

Custom Lighting Designs

Many businesses share some fundamental lighting needs that we are more than familiar with, and can definitely help you in terms of maintaining your existing lighting. We are also aware that lots of companies may require more than just the typical lighting schemes found in other offices, and we can certainly be helpful with that as well. With Highmark Electrical, you can rest assured that any and all of your commercial lighting needs will be met, and you will be left with the perfect lighting for your office that will be both functional and attractive. Feel free to read below about some of the ways we can improve and enhance the lighting design of your office or commercial property.

Energy Efficient Solutions

Many business owners may be unaware of exactly how much money they can save on a regular basis if they switch to energy efficient lighting systems. Highmark Electrical’ certified industrial electrical experts can help you find the right energy efficient lighting that will still meet your needs, while saving you a lot of money on your future energy bills.

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Ballast and Bulb Replacement

A ballast is a device that regulates the flow of electrical energy to fluorescent bulbs that are installed in your office. It is important to make sure that all of your fluorescent fixtures are equipped with ballasts that can adequately handle the power demand of commercial grade bulbs. If you find that your bulbs tend to flicker or take a longer time to reach their full brightness, then it may be time to change or upgrade your ballast. Furthermore, your lightbulbs will need to be properly changed as well using appropriate commercial grade fluorescent tubes. If these are not properly replaced by a professional, then you risk potential circuit overloads which in some cases can be a fire hazard.

With Highmark Electrical we can transform your commercial space into a beautifully lit workspace by doing any number of the following upgrades or installations:

Landscape and Security Lighting

Surge Protection

Parking Lot Flood Lighting

Custom Lighting Design

Holiday Lighting

Recessed Lighting

Electrical Panel Upgrades

Landscape Lighting

Security Lighting

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