Emergency Electrical Services

Emergency Electrical

Having an electrical emergency can be a scary time. At Highmark our certified electricians are qualified to to work on all electrical systems both at home and at the workplace.  An emergency may include the following:

Types of Electrical Emergencies

  • Live Wires
  • Electrical Fire
  • Smoking Wires
  • Blacked-out Outlets
  • Electrical Outage
  • Rodents Eating Wires

If you’re experiencing any of the following or feel you have an electrical emergency, call us and describe your situation with our technician. We will then determine whether you are in danger or if the issue can be solved in a non-emergency situation.

Our team of certified and fully insured electrical experts are available at any time to help repair an issue with your electrical system at home or at work.

Highmark Electrical offers 24/7 emergency services throughout the lower mainland.

Our team will help you solve your issue quickly and properly to prevent future issues. We are here for you!

Electrical Fires and How to Prevent Them

An electrical fire can be caused by any number of seemingly small issues with your electrical system. Bad wiring, faulty connections and over-worked fuses and breakers are just a few of the many causes of an electrical fire, all of which can be prevented with some minor repairs and installations.

Thanks to Highmark Electrical’s 24/7 emergency electrical services, you won’t have to wait until an issue becomes really serious to get it fixed. In cases where an electrical fire does occur, be sure to put out the fire safely right away, and call us immediately.

To safely put out an electrical fire, you can smother the fire with a thick towel, or pour baking soda on the source. You can also use a class C fire extinguisher. Never throw water on an electrical fire, as water could potentially conduct the electricity towards your body and give you a serious shock.

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