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Installation experts.  A home generator can do a lot to keep you and your family warm and safe in an emergency, while still helping you maintain your standard of living until the power is restored to your area.

In an emergency power loss, particularly one that lasts for a prolonged period of time, having a home generator can not only be convenient, it can be a major relief.

How Does A Home Generator Work?

A home generator installation setup up the generator so that when power goes off the generator takes over.  They run on some type of fuel like propane, natural gas or gasoline.

When a generator is installed in your home, one main breaker is connected to your home’s and the other main breaker is connected to your generator. The generator’s panel is then connected to circuits for critical electrical loads – furnace, refrigerator, lights, sump pump, etc. – that you designate need to remain on during a power loss.

A home generator often runs on some type of fuel like propane, natural gas or gasoline. They come in a number of different sizes and can run virtually any appliance or piece of equipment you may need them to as long as the power demand does not exceed their capacity. With the ever growing demand for electrical power in Vancouver and the rest of the Lower Mainland, power interruptions tend to occur from time to time. In addition to these minor problems with the power supply to your home, any number of sudden accidents caused by animals or auto collisions, inclement weather and in some rare cases natural disasters, can lead to major blackouts that last for an extended period of time. Should one of these issues affect your home, having a generator on hand can keep you comfortable and can also save you money.

What Kind Of Home Generator Do I Need?

home generatorStart by making a list of the most important circuits in your home. These include refrigerators and freezers, central air and furnace, sump pumps, well pumps, and medical equipment. Then start adding in the conveniences you don’t want to lose. A television doesn’t add very much power, nor does charging a cell phone charger or turning on a few lights. A microwave oven and crock pot or electric fry pan can cover most cooking needs

Look at the items on your list that have electric motors and choose the one with the highest number of watts. Multiply that item’s Watts x 3, and substitute the result for the original watts listed. This provides a necessary margin to ensure your generator will handle an additional load called Starting Watts of any motors. For example, a central air unit.

Avoid choosing the bare minimum. Power requirements just don’t decrease for the vast majority of homeowners. A bigger freezer or refrigerator. A new, more powerful sump pump. Someone needs medical equipment. The new television for the rec room or den.

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Types Of Home Generators

portable home generator

There are two typical types of generators that are found in people’s homes. Both can be very useful in an emergency or a temporary power outage, but differ in a few essential ways. The first is known as a portable home generator, which you are probably already familiar with. These are available at most home improvement or outdoor equipment stores and range in price from $500-$1500. While a portable generator can be helpful during a short power interruption, they are not able to run any major appliances for a very long time. They can also become a little dangerous if they aren’t used in a well ventilated area, as they emit carbon monoxide exhaust.

commercial generatorThe other type of generator is known as a standby or a stationary generator. These are permanently integrated into your business or home’s electrical system and are used in conjunction with an automatic transfer switch that is triggered when the power goes out. Due to their sophistication, the standby generator costs more than a portable generator, and requires a professional installation. With the help of Highmark Electrical, you can soon have a reliable stationary home generator that can handle all of your electrical needs.

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