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With a new power conditioners installed at your home or office by Highmark Electrical, you won’t have to worry about dirty electricity.  You wouldn’t want to have dirty water pumped into your house and out of your faucet, so its doubtful that you would want to run your devices on dirty electricity. . A power conditioner can provide you with surge protection and power filtration for all of your devices. This will help you maintain your electrical devices for an extended period in the future.

How Does It Work?

A power conditioner works by filtering out what is known as ‘dirty electricity’ and transferring clean power that is on a single, specific frequency to reach your device. You may be wondering what exactly dirty electricity is and how it affects your electronic equipment. Dirty electricity is identified by fluctuating voltages that can overload electrical devices and cause them some serious damage. This type of electricity is potentially dangerous, and can originate from any number of sources such as brownouts, line noise, power surges as well as sudden spikes.

When a circuit becomes overloaded, power ceases to flow through it evenly, thus causing spikes, surges and other fluctuations. In a brown out, lower power frequencies start to flow due to a temporary issue with the circuits sending power to your home. Many people who do not have a power conditioner working to correct this problem during a brownout will experience issues with devices like computers, which can be an inconvenience at home and a major productivity drain at the office.


As we mentioned before, some power conditioners can also filter out problems with phone, television or Ethernet cables such as line noise. Line noise is caused by electromagnetic and/or radio frequency interference that are expressed as decibels. This can make it difficult to hear what people are saying on the phone, and can be particularly troublesome when you are trying to watch TV or are transferring files over the internet or your home network. Line noise becomes worse during a thunderstorm due to the increase in interference, but with a top quality power conditioner from Highmark Electrical, you can avoid this and any other issue that causes dirty electricity to enter your home.

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