Recessed, Track and Accent Lighting

The fully licensed and certified electricians at Highmark Electrical can offer you a number of attractive and inexpensive ways to update the look of your home. When you work with Highmark Electrical, you can expect to be informed about all of the ways you can enhance the look of your home, so you will be able to choose which way will best suit your needs and preferences.

Recessed Lighting

A recessed light is installed within a ceiling rather than on its surface and offers a great way to add a decorative aspect to any room you choose to have it installed. It is made suing two parts; the housing and the trim. The housing is installed up into the ceiling and holds the bulb. The trim is the part that is visible as a finished edge.

In addition to its potential inside your home, recessed lighting can create a discreet outdoor lighting scheme for your yard. By adding a dimmer switch to your recessed lighting and a swivel feature as well, you can really increase the utility as well as the style of your new lights.

Track Lighting

This is a great option if you are looking to customize a space in your house such as your kitchen or hallway. With Highmark Electrical, we can provide you with as simple or as sophisticated a design as you want, and will always be sure to complete our work to your total satisfaction. Track lights are a set of small light fixtures that are placed in a specific line pattern. They can be found indoors as well as outdoors, and can do a lot to add some personality and appeal to a space.

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Accent Lighting

An accent light really refers to any light that is installed inside or outside of your home that illuminates and enhances a particular area of your property. This can be a great and inexpensive way to draw attention to a certain attractive or intriguing piece of architecture, landscape or even artwork or an ornamental design in your home. The light itself can also be eye catching and can really help the individuality of your home stand out. An accent light can also be used as a task light in a workspace.

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