Retrofit Lighting

In today’s modern world, most commercial buildings such as offices, workshops and storefronts have a life-span of roughly thirty years. What most people are unaware of, is the fact that although these buildings are usually well renovated and for the most part properly updated when the time comes, the electrical wiring throughout the property as well as the panel remains the same. For many businesses, this represents a potentially costly problem in terms of productivity and potentially expensive emergency repairs after a failure of the electrical system. While we do offer 24-hour emergency service at Highmark Electrical, we prefer to give our customers a better offer and a chance to get ahead of these major inconveniences. If you think your panel or the wiring in your building is in need of an upgrade, it might be a good time to give Vancouver’s industrial electrical service experts at Highmark Electrical a call.

Reasons to Upgrade Your Panel

The amount of electrical energy it takes to run a modern office, storefront or virtually any other commercial property has steadily increased over the years. As more and more sophisticated electrical appliances, devices and equipment are introduced into the office, the demand for power grows, and this can start to put a terrible strain on your outdated electrical panel. If the capacity of the panel is ever exceeded, you can expect a power failure that could potentially cost you business and can put your employees in danger. If you have experienced any of the following issues having to do with your own office’s electrical system, it is likely time to find an upgrade before more of these problems occur:

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Regularly blown fuses

Flickering lights

Electrical service conductors overheat

Constantly needing to use extension cords

Inactive or broken power outlets

Non-grounded (two pronged) power outlets

Breakers constantly tripping

Blown circuits

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