Whole House Surge Protection

Whole House Surge ProtectionMany people are probably familiar with the terms ‘power surge’ and ‘surge protection’, but they may not be exactly sure what they mean. To put it simply, a power surge refers to a point where the amount of voltage exceeds the standard flow of power (usually 120 volts). It is at this point where wiring can start to overheat and burn and can lead to serious issues such as the damage of expensive appliances and electronics or in the worst cases, can lead to fires in the home or office. To avoid these issues,one option you can take is Whole House Surge Protection.

Whole House Surge Protector – How Does It Work?

The whole house surge protector will protect the entire house from supply side surges and spikes. That is anything from the outside. These also prevent dangerous surges from separate circuit loads.  Because the whole house surge protector is wired in at the panel, it will stop the surge from going any further. This also applies (in modern homes) to your fridge, freezer and outside plug (where you might be more likely to be running corded power tools) circuits.

How to Protect Yourself from Power Surges

There are many ways that you can make sure a sudden power surge won’t cause damage to your possessions, your home or your place of business. If you remain unprotected against power surges, you not only lasting damage to the wiring in your home or office, but you also risk damaging many expensive pieces of electronic equipment such as a microwave, personal computer, printer or television to name a few. These items are usually sensitive to fluctuations in the amount of power being run through their systems from a power surge.

To avoid these problems occurring, you should consider equipping your home or office with a number of surge protecting devices. These items include resettable circuit breakers, power outlets with GFCI protection, surge protected power distributors, and 3-line protection for phone lines and internet modems. In addition to these surge protection items, you can have an electrician install whole home surge protection directly into the wiring of your home or office. This provides you with a strong first line of defense against any sudden fluctuations and surges in power, which you can supplement with any additional surge protecting devices for extra peace of mind.

How Surge Protection Works

Power surges are usually caused by the use of large electrical appliances such as refrigerators, freezers and air conditioning units. When these items are activated, they sometimes draw additional power through your home or office circuits in order to start motors or compressors. These sudden demands for electricity can disrupt the normal flow of electricity throughout the rest of the system.  This can lead to a surge of additional unused power that can overload other components or smaller appliances.

When your home or office is equipped with surge protecting devices, this additional power that would otherwise be unsafely distributed throughout the electrical system gets diverted or redistributed into a grounded wire or safely to other devices throughout your home or office. A surge protector can also prevent a number of other sources from causing damage through power surges, such as:

Faulty electrical wiring

Downed power lines

Problems with utility company’s lines, transformers and other components

Lighting also causes power surges but not as frequently

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