A transformer is very important to the safe consumption of electrical power by any residential or commercial property. There are a number of different types of transformers, but each one fulfills a similar purpose, which is to increase or decrease the voltage and electrical current being transferred to the appropriate level in order to ensure the safe and proper function of electrical systems in homes and commercial buildings. With such an important job to do, you want to be sure your transformer is in good hands when it is in need of an upgrade or a repair. Highmark Electrical’s team of fully licensed Vancouver electricians can help you with the installation and repair of any type of transformer that is being used today. We will ensure the job is done quickly and correctly according to all of the safety standards established by the Canadian Electric Code.

Types of Transformers

There are a number of other types of transformers that have particular features that make them ideal for certain specific applications. The experts at Highmark Electrical can inform you about all of these kinds of transformers, and will be more than happy to install a brand new transformer with a one-year warranty. To book a consultation contact us today!

Cast Coil Transformers

With their high dielectric strength, this type of transformer can handle a great deal of thermal and electrical stress, as well as significant overvoltages. They have a long life-span and do not often require much maintenance, which makes them very cost effective. Due to the design of the cast coil windings, moisture and airborne contaminants cannot affect the function of this device, making it among the most reliable transformers available for commercial use.

Dry-Type and Liquid Filled Transformers

These kinds of transformers are commonly used for industrial electric service. Both the dry and liquid filled designs have aspects that make them ideal for certain types of industrial use. The dry-type can be safely installed much closer to an electrical load than other transformers, making the need for long wire runs unnecessary. A liquid filled transformer can be used both indoors and outdoors as needed, depending on the fluid it contains.

Pad Mounted Transformers

Typically used in conjunction with underground power systems, a pad mounted transformer has a low profile and an insulated design that makes it extremely versatile. You have probably seen one in action near a school or an office building.

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