Wiring Updates

Having inadequate wiring in your home or at your place of business can not only be an inconvenience at times, it can potentially lead to serious or even fatal injuries caused by electric shocks and fires caused by hot or sparking wires. Electrical wires that fail to meet Canadian Electrical Code standards are also prone to causing power interruptions due to blown fuses or tripped breakers. For all of these reasons, it is important you ensure that the electrical wiring in your home, office or commercial site is safely and properly installed as well as up to date and adequate enough to meet your power needs. In addition to increasing the safety and functionality of your residential or commercial electrical systems, it is important to make sure you have current wires installed for your phone, internet and cable as well. With help from the friendly team of electricians at Highmark Electrical, you can rest assured that your wiring updates will be installed promptly and with every regard for your safety.

When to Upgrade Your Wiring

Back in the 60s and 70s, many homes were outfitted with aluminium wiring. It was thought that aluminium wiring would be a cheaper and safer alternative to the more expensive copper wiring, but after a few decades it turned out that aluminium wiring could not hold up to the test of time. Many people found their aluminium wiring was prone to overheating and was no longer safe inside the walls of a home or office. If your home was built in the 1960s or 70s, an you haven’t had any major electrical repairs or inspections, you may want to verify with an electrician if your wires need to be replaced. In addition, homes built before aluminium wiring was used may also need to have any old and outdated wires such as non-metallic or knob-and-tube systems replaced as well.

Along with the wires themselves, some homes need to have other components replaced that relate to outdated wiring. Two-pronged, ungrounded power outlets are a major safety concern for any home or business owner, as they are prone to diverting excess voltage directly into an electrical device or even a person in worst cases. If your home or place of business has these old style two pronged outlets, it is likely that they also are missing GFCI outlets that are now required in places like kitchens, bathrooms and garages according to the CEC. These outlets, along with their AFCI counterparts that act as circuit breakers that reduce the risk of fire in a bedroom should be immediately installed in your home.

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Ensuring the safety of the people living in your home or working at your place of business is the main reason why you should always make sure to have your wiring systems up to date. This will also help you avoid any issues with insurance companies or with the sale of your home or business in the future. Highmark Electrical is proud to feature a team of highly skilled and friendly Vancouver electricians that are ready to serve all of your residential and commercial needs. Book a consultation today!

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