Electrical Wiring Upgrade

Electrical Wiring UpgradeBetween 2004 and 2017 there were 2635 fires in BC that were attributed to being electrical fires.  Having electrical wires that now fail to meet the Canadian Electrical Code standards can put your, your family and your home at risk.  At Highmark Electrical we can professionally complete your electrical wiring upgrade to help you protect your family.

You Need An Electrical Wiring Upgrade When..

  • Older Home

    If your home is older than 40 years your wiring should be inspected and upgraded if needed

  • Ungrounded Two Prong Outlets

    If your home only has two prong outlets then your outlets are not grounded. This is a big safety hazard and should be address immediiately.

  • No GFCI Outlets

    If your bathroom and kitchen do not have outlets that protect you from shock in high moisture areasthat have a TEST and RESET button then they are not the type of outlets that a

  • Breakers Constantly Trip

    If your breakers are tripping often then your wiring may be degraded and need to be upgraded

  • Not Enough Power

    Older homes were set to run on 60 amp and today’s homes often need 100 or 200 amps.

What Does An Upgrade Cost?

An electrical wiring upgrade cost will vary depending on many factors.  Due to this it is difficult to provide a cost.

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Ensuring the safety of the people living in your home or working at your place of business is the main reason why you should always make sure to have your wiring systems up to date. This will also help you avoid any issues with insurance companies or with the sale of your home or business in the future. Highmark Electrical is proud to feature a team of highly skilled and friendly Vancouver electricians that are ready to serve all of your residential and commercial needs. Book a consultation today!

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